Lamp Life Cycle

Ever wondered how we create our product?

Well here we have our Lamp Life Cycle! Each vase is handpicked and with a little bit of work, transformed into the beautiful and unique lamps you can seen on our products page.

1. Shop – Search everywhere from charity shops, ebay and antique centres for the perfect vases.

2. Scrub – Back to the studio to be scrubbed clean.

3 & 4. Drill and Glue – Drill holes for wires and start to glue on the brass fixings.

4. Wiring – Wire up the brass lamp holder and plug.

5. Safety Check! – All lamps are PAT tested before being plugged in.

7. Picture Time – All lamps have there photos taken so you can see our amazing new stock.

8. Website – Lastly, we upload the final product to our website ready to be purchased and sent off to their new home.